This upcoming Wednesday we gather together for another mind blowing all-nighter experience of endless dancing and freaking out at The BlindSpot Project in downtown la from 9pm-6am in the morning! Performing live, yours truly & Los Sweepers from San Diego, Ca (awesome Spanish 60's garage kings). Record Rotations & Obscure, rare, Psychedelic 45's provided by The Acid Test SF , Green Slime , The Cosmic Brotherhood USA , Neil Martinson , & Peri Levin !! Vintage Clothing and Rare Psychedelic gear provided by Popshop60sand70s & Miracle EyeLiquid LightShow by The Blind Spot Project 601 s. Clarence St Aug. 31st (as you may or may not know, The Creation Factory also features members of the Mystic Braves , and this will be the last show for a while due to Mystic Braves going on tour for a while! Clear your schedule up and come on out) Flyer by Peri Levin