• 2218 South Harvard Boulevard
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90018
  • United States

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For the 700+ people who came to the NYE party you know the deal. This time we are taking it much further...

Historic Monument #117, The Beckett Residence, on Sugar Hill, is hosting a 26 hour extravaganza of music, art, food, and suprises...

This event is a fundraiser for the restoration of the Beckett Residence. Designed by John C Austin the architect that built famed Griffith Observatory, City Hall, and the Shrine Auditorium, many comfy rooms, speakeasy in the basement, and huge outdoor area. This is one of the best venues ever without a doubt...David Bowie and Lady Gaga thought so when they chose to shoot there. 

Live Performances (Schedule TBA):
Herbert Bail Orchestra (herbertbail.com)
The Dream Ride (Jeffertitti's Nile) 
Geneva Jacuzzi (youtu.be/RJ1w2QhjuHA)
Radio Skies (facebook.com/radioskies/)
Solar Sons
Warbly Jets (warblyjets.com)
Future Choir
Crash Landon (Last Night)
Jake Brennan (Last Night)
Veronika Coassolo (Tricky, Photek) veronikacoassolo.com
Natalie Kelly (Velvet Palace)
Johnny Basil (johnnybasil.com)
Shawni (Rebirth, Supernature, Culprit)
Alison Swing (Dig Deeper)
Masha (Dig Deeper)
Joaquin Montoya (Tribe of the Suns)
Matt McDermott (States of Being)
Green Slime https (facebook.com/GreenSlimeLA/)
Danni G
Joe Mckee (http://joemckee.xyz/music)
Matt Adams (Blank Tapes)
Good Safe Person
Cameron Gartung (Mystic Braves)
Big Chief (Cosmic Brotherhood)
Alberto Bof (Live grand piano sunrise set)
And more added soon!

Art, Installations, and Projections:
Future Eyes - Oracle Chamber (futureeyes.com)
Jules Muck - live painting (julesmuck.com)
Buckley (buckleynow.com)
Kodiak Starkey - installation and live jewelry creation
Henry Hopper
Jim Budman - installation (budmanstudio.com)
Spiders from Mars - live video projections
Blind Spot Project - liquid light show projections
Harrison Roberts (harrisonproberts.virb.com)
And more added soon!

Food and Drinks and special 4th Brunch provided by:
Giggle Juice Cafe - Love is the Vehicle, Juice is the fuel!
Specialy Drinks List:
Skinny Margherita : Juiced Lemon, Orange, Lime and Sugarcane, Tequila & Cointreau. Rocks, Salt. 
DeepC Sangria : Juiced Carrot, Apple, Ginger and touch of Beet, Brandy and Cointreau. Rocks
MImosa : Juice Orange, Sparkling Wine. 
Zen Mojito : Juiced Lime, Mint & Sugarcane, Light Rum, Soda.

Food Menu:
Kale Salad: Avocado, Orange, Fennel $8
Veggie Wrap: Lavash, carrots, celery, tomatoes, Avocado, spinach, sexy sauce, pesto, candy papaya, mint, tahini. $8
Lentil Soup:Lentil, carrots, potatoes, onions, avocado, rosemary, Lavash $6

Giggle Brunch: 10am through 2pm $25 per person
MImosa : Juice Orange, Sparkling Wine.
Raw Zucchini Carpaccio : Thin sliced Zucchini, Pink Pepper, Pistachio, extra virgin Olive Oil, Lemon, Grana .
Sexy Eggs : 3 eggs , spinach, potatoes, onions, zucchini, Sexy sauce, Pesto, Crema, toasted lavash, served over Banana leaf.
Giggle Cheese Cake : Ricotta, Berry Coulis. 

Meditation, Massage and Yoga: Lune Jazudekova (intergrityoga.com)
Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine: Snohomish Brown
Tarot: Sarah Ann Handler
Voodoo healing hands - Rhonda Vjananda

Rare vintage clothes and special finds collected over many moons in the craziest attic you've ever seen. 

We will charge at the door $25 donation...

Free Parking is available 2 blocks from the venue 2249 Hobart blvd 90018