Psychedelic Blues with Dashes of Tribal/Surf Freak-Folk. But mostly Rock & Roll.

SEND MEDICINE began as the solo project for Toronto based singer/songwriter Julian Hacquebard in the summer of 2012. Julian then moved to Los Angeles, shaping a sound that LA Record called "a heady mix of psych, blues, folk and surf - a winning combination". Since, the band has expanded to a full lineup, with a live show featuring percussion, backing vocals, and theremin.

SEND MEDICINE has performed at Echo Park Rising, Summer Sweat 2015, The Satellite, The Bootleg Theater, and at Jam in the Van at Green in Pasadena. The band has been featured on Indie FM’s Buzzbands, The Deli’s Band of the Month, Hype Machine, Live on KSPC 88.7, KBeach Radio, and more.

In 2016, the band released their debut album “Scary Aquarius Daughter”, featuring lead single “July Eyes” and follow-up “Tall Flowers”. The album was performed by Salvatore Romano (Drums), Ryan Glennan (Percussion), Lauren Grimaldi (Percussion), Aaron Stern (Bass), and Connor Hill (Guitar). 

SEND MEDICINE is currently touring and writing the follow-up, working out new songs on the road.


"Give Send Medicine a try, it goes down easy." 


NEW SUN COMPANY is a band, true blue, in the truest and newest sense of the word..and the feeling comes through in the tunes..a group with a shared understanding that can blow the top off and tear the house down while everyone has a good ole time..

JEREMIAH MOUNTAIN - Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Indie, Pop, Blues, Soul, Reggae

Loud Power Trio based in Los Angeles combining Rock & Roll, Blues, R&B, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, & Soul to make you move. Don't forget your ear plus!

THE DEAD HORSE RHYTHM - Pure Weirdo Black Magic Folk Rock

MOOMAW - A craft formulated from widely focussed angles, Moomaw imbues 'soul' with dense soundscapes obfuscous in origin. Pulsing over live layers of electronics and organic instruments, a wild and spirited voice leads the theatre of construction/deconstruction. What was pop oozes into the avant-garde, returning again from dribbled tangents and coming onto the cosmic dance floor a mess of ambient disco.